Park Jun Geum Introduces Dazzling 8-Carat Necklace Worth the Price of a Medium-Sized Car

Park Jun Geum introduced her new piece of jewelry.

On the 1st, “Park Jun Geum Magazine JUNGUM” featured a video of veteran actress Park Jun Geum, who is gaining attention for her role in “Doctor Cha.” 

Wearing a dazzling necklace, Park Jun Geum said, “I recently had a neck procedure. I tried wearing a choker because it gives elasticity to my neck. As age becomes noticeable on the neck, I’m concerned about neck wrinkles, so I covered them with this necklace. It’s a great find.

Park Jun Geum

When Park Jun Geum heard that the necklace she was wearing costs 16 million won (approximately $14,300) and is 8 carats, she was surprised and said, “It’s like the price of a medium-sized car.

She also introduced the necklace, saying, “It’s not a style I usually wear, but with this necklace alone, I can create a great look. It’s very simple yet beautiful.

Park Jun Geum selected one of the several fancy bracelets, saying, “Even if it’s not from this brand, nowadays, celebrities in Hollywood often layer their bracelets, so when you make a purchase, try layering them. It will give you a glamorous and trendy feeling.

Park Jun Geum

With a laugh, she said, “It looks the most expensive,” and explained, “Instead of something too flashy, I chose a chain-style bracelet because it can be versatile and casual. I was surprised by the price, which is 37 million won (approximately $33,000).

Source: Naver.

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