Han Hyo-joo Reunited With Son In “Dong Yi” After 13 Years, “My Son Has Grown Up”

Han Hyo-joo expressed surprise and joy when meeting with Lee Hyung-seok, who acted as her son in the MBC drama "Dong Yi."

Recently, on the BH Entertainment YouTube channel, a video featuring Han Hyo-joo was uploaded.

The video showed Han Hyo-joo visiting “BF Lab” as a part of the promotion for her new drama “Blood Free.” Han Hyo-joo was informed by the staff at the lab that Lee Hyung-seok, the child actor who acted as her son in the hit drama “Dong Yi” was there.

han hyo joo lee hyeong seok

In response, Han Hyo-joo couldn’t even speak properly in shock, and she couldn’t hide her joy at the sight of her “son,” saying, “Was he this big?”

Actor Lee Hyung-seok, who starred as Geum Yi in “Dong Yi,” told Han Hyo-joo, who clasped his hands, “I’m now 25 years old and going to college.”

han hyo joo lee hyeong seok

When Lee Hyung-seok continued, “I’m enjoying your dramas,” Han was very proud, boasting to people on the spot, “My son grew up this big! He was my son when he was young!” Han recalled, “I didn’t recognize him. He was such a baby back then.” It was the first time they reunited in 13 years.

han hyo joo lee hyeong seok

Han said, “You are all grown up! You were so smart back then.” Then, while checking Lee’s social media account, Han was moved to find his childhood photo taken when he was acting in “Dong Yi.” She couldn’t her his welcome and affection for her “son.”

Meanwhile, Han Hyo-joo is starring in Disney Plus original series “Blood Free” as Yoon Ja-yoo, founder and CEO of cell culture meat company BF Group.

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