The top 10 most viewed female idol fancams: TWICE, ITZY, aespa all lost to one person

A Kpop fan page recently pointed out the top 10 female Kpop idols with the most viewed fancams, drawing attention. 

On July 25th, the Facebook page “Idol Issue” revealed the ranking for To 10 most viewed individual fancam of female Kpop idols. 

In particular, Suzy’s stage for “LOVE SONG” reigned in first place, with a total of 30.96 million views. In second place was aespa Winter’s fancam of “GOT THE BEAT”, which recorded a total of 13.95 million views. 

The remaining of top 10 includes April Naeun, Billlie Tsuki, BLACKPINK Lisa, TWICE Jihyo, ITZY Yuna, IZ*ONE Jang Wonyoung, and TWICE Tzuyu.

The full ranking is as follows: 

No.1: Suzy (missA) – “LOVE SONG”


No.2: Winter (GOT the Beat / aespa) – “Step Back”

aespa winter

No.3: Naeun (April) – “Oh! My Mistake”


No.4: Tsuki (Billlie) – “GingaMingaYo (the strange world)”


No.5: Lisa (BLACKPINK) – “How You Like That”


No.6: Jihyo (TWICE) – “Fancy”

twice jihyo

No.7: Yuna (ITZY) – “DALLA DALLA”


No.8: Jang Wonyoung (IZ*ONE) – “So Curious”

Jang Won-young

No.9: Winter (aespa) – “Savage”

aespa winter

No.10: Tzuyu (TWICE) – “Fancy” 

twice jihyo

Source: Wikitree

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