Kim Se-jeong, “Healing trip with TWICE Ji-hyo, Someone even asked if we are twins”

Kim Se-jeong shared her feelings and stories about her travel with Ji-hyo.

Actors Kim Se-jeong, Choi Daniel, and Nam Yoon-soo of the drama “Today’s Webtoon” appeared in SBS Power FM “2PM Escape Cultwo Show,” which aired on July 26th.

Kim Se-jeong recently went on a trip to Jeju Island with Ji-hyo of TWICE. Two idols are also famous as best friends. Kim Se-jeong said, “First of all, it was the most healing trip I had gone on recently,” adding, “I want to go on a trip together with her again when I have time later.”

Kim Se Jeong

In response to the comment that Kim Se-jeong and Ji-hyo look like each other, Kim Se-jeong said, “When we went on the trip, the elderly asked if we were twins.”

Regarding the story about a cafe owner who said, “You look like Kim Se-jeong,” she said, “Even though I tried explaining it to him, he said ‘Don’t make fun of me, but you really look like her.’ I hope that he would find out after seeing the video later,” she explained.

Source: Daum

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