“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” director, “Woo Young-woo is not an easy character… I had no other plan, Park Eun-bin forever”

The director of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” praised the acting skills of actress Park Eun-bin.

Director Yoo In-sik and screenwriter Moon Ji-won appeared at a press conference for ENA’s drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” at Standford Hotel, Mapo-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of July 26th. On this day, director Yoo In-sik talked about the reason why he cast actress Park Eun-bin.

extraordinary attorney woo

Director Yoo said, “Not many actors could play Woo Young-woo. When even Park Eun-bin said she found this character difficult to play after reviewing the script, I thought ‘This project would not be easy to do if that person (Park Eun-bin) doesn’t play the role”, adding “The character must have been so complicated since it made Park Eun-bin feel burdened, but I decided to wait for her because I had no other plan and I’m glad she is doing better than I expected… Once again, Park Eun-bin forever”, drawing laughter.

extraordinary attorney woo

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” tells the survival of rookie lawyer Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin), who has both a genius brain and autism spectrum disorder at the same time, at a large law firm. Various stories are being told while the protagonist, who has autism spectrum disorder, works as a lawyer.

extraordinary attorney woo

The stories about Woo Young-woo, who doesn’t hide her disability and confidently steps into society as a lawyer, her clients, and the people surrounding her give warm feelings to many viewers. Thanks to this,“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” has surpassed 13% viewer rating and is gaining huge popularity at the syndrome level.

Meanwhile, the drama airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9 p.m on ENA. 

Source: dispatch

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