What will happen to Park Eun-bin after “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” ends?

The reputation of Park Eun-bin, who leads “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, is on a rise. Love calls for her appearance in new projects in the second half of this year and next year have surged 2-3 times. 

Like Kim Ji-won, Park Eun-bin is also expected to become another big name born in 1992. Then, what will happen to Park Eun-bin when “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” ends?

1. No negotiation

Yes, you can negotiate at 100 million won for our actress to have a bob hairstyle for six months” – Park Eun-bin’s manager, who is exhausted by love calls asking for advertising guarantees dozens of times a day, might answer automatically and spiritless in this way. If people are desperate to use the actress, they should meet and talk personally. Park Eun-bin’s manager will not agree to “negotiation” for the time being. There is no need to negotiate the amount of her appearance fee since there are many places that want to reach and take Park Eun-bin. Some advertisements may not be filmed due to her busy and tight schedule.

2. Attention is being paid to whether Samsung model KGC Ginseng Corporation and Korea Housing-Finance Corporation will renew their existing advertising contracts with Park Eun-bin and their new face with the actress’ current popularity.  Son Seok-gu of “My Liberation Notes” won LG U+ advertisement at once. The commercial Samsung Life TV CF “My daughter’s life is long” in 2005 was what made Park Eun-bin’s face known to the world. Since Young-woo is portrayed as a cute, lovely trustworthy, and righteous person, there is a high possibility that financial and insurance advertisements will be made using the image of this character. People in the industry are also interested in whether Samsung Life will reunite with Samsung Life Insurance for the first time in 17 years. Park Eun-bin, who was a Samsung Electronics model in 2007, is known as a “Samsung user” who likes Galaxy phones and Samsung buds, unlike surrounding people who mostly use iPhones.

3. Contract renewal with Namoo Actors

Park Eun-bin has always been an excellent actress since she was young, but things have worked out better since she moved from KeyEast to Namoo Actors in 2015. The biggest challenge for child actors is to establish themselves as adult actors, and 80% of the dramas in which Park Eun-bin starred after moving to Namoo Actors did well. Staring with the role Song Ji-woo in “Hello, My Twenties!”, “Judge vs. Judge” (rating peak 8.2%), “Hot Stove League” (19.1%) and “The King’s Affection” (12.1%) were all hit dramas. Se-young’s line “You crossed the line” in “Hot Stove League” was once a buzzword. Since Park Eun-bin has been showing good chemistry with the agency, they are likely to join hands again after the end of her current contract.

4. Park Eun-bin has finished filming Kang Je-kyu’s movie “Boston 1947” and showed great performance in “The Witch 2” but compared to her talent, she lacked drama activities. This is because her reputation has not been verified apart from the drama category since many filmmakers began to pay attention to Park Eun-bin after “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. CEO of Namoo Actors Kim Jong-do will select the perfect work for Park Eun-bin, knowing that she is especially strong in movies. The problem is that excessive guarantees can break the game. It is expected to be a difficult task since the actress will have to compete with Kim Go-eun and Kim Tae-ri.

5. Appearance fees and advertising guarantees will jump 1.5 to 2 times, so comprehensive income tax returns documents are expected to be a lot in May every year. In addition to the existing tax accountants, additional manpower may be reinforced. Like the saying, “There is a tax where there is a profit”, the highest tax rate of more than 40% will be applied unless there is an unexpected change. SInce Park Eun-bin is a sincere actress, she will not use tricks to avoid taxes like many others so she may become a large taxpayer that everyone envies. 

Source: daum

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