The track list of TWICE’s ‘BETWEEN 1&2’ to be released with the title track called ‘Talk that Talk’

TWICE is making a comeback to the K-pop race with their newest title track ‘Talk that Talk’.

JYP Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as JYP) released the track list of TWICE‘s new mini-album ‘BETWEEN 1&2’ through their official SNS channels on July 26th.

According to the tracklist, the new album contains 7 tracks including the title song ‘Talk that Talk’, followed by ‘Queen of Hearts’, ‘Basics’, ‘Trouble’, ‘Brave’, ‘Gone’ and ‘When We Were Kids’.

twice comeback

The title track ‘Talk that Talk’ is composed by Lee Woo-min ‘collapsedone’, the composer who has worked with Twice’s hit songs such as ‘KNOCK KNOCK’, ‘What is Love?’, and ‘The Feels’. He will be in charge of composing and producing this song while the lyrics of the song will be written by the famous lyricist team danke.

This tracklist review gives netizens a foreboding of the birth of a new album with a team of renowned from both domestic and foreign producers. The track ‘Queen of Hearts’, an English track, is composed and arranged by LDN Noise. The 5th track ‘Brave’ is composed by Melanie Fontana, who used to take part in the production of TWICE’s songs such as ‘I CAN’T STOP ME’ and ‘SCIENTIST’. Famous composers such as Isran and Jo Yoon-kyung will also join hands in the producing process to enhance the album’s level of perfection.

twice comeback

As usual, TWICE members also took part in writing the lyrics for the b-side songs of this new album. Chaeyoung writes the lyrics for the 3rd track ‘Basics’, a track in which full of special sensitivity, and Jihyo shows off her extraordinary talent in lyrics writing by being the lyricist for the 4th track ‘Trouble’, as well as participating in composing, chorusing and directing process of the song. Fans can also enjoy the delicate personality of Dahyun with her participation in the lyrics of two tracks, ‘Gone’ and ‘When We Were Kids’.

TWICE’s new mini-album ‘BETWEEN 1&2’ will be released on August 26th. 

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