Who said that IU is cold with fanboys? A male idol has just gotten this gift from IU!

Minhyuk (MONSTA X) said he was happy to receive the album with the signature of IU.

Recently, Minhyuk (MONSTA X) has a live stream on V Live to chat with fans. Here, he revealed the gift that he received from the “digital music queen” IU. It is known that in addition to Jungkook (BTS), Minhyuk is also one of the famous fanboys of IU. In Minhyuk’s favorite list on Spotify, there are 5 songs from IU.

“I love IU‘s songs, should I show it?” It’s an album with her signature! “

Who said that IU is cold with fanboys? A male idol has just gotten this gift from IU!

The album that IU gave to Minhyuk included a message: “To Minhyuk-gun, let’s work hard but still have to keep your good health!” It is known that IU and Minhyuk were both born in 1993 and are at the same age. Minhyuk shared that:

“She called me Minhyuk-gun, actually my age and hers are the same. A few years ago, we were guest stars in IU‘s “Producer“, and Jooheon shared the company with her so they knew each other. He helped me ask for an album with her signature. This is the album “Flower Bookmark“, a really cool album. Which songs are in this album? “Meaning of you” and “My old story“, “Dreams in Summer Night“. It’s really great when you guys receive our album right? I felt the same way.”

K-POP fans were surprised by Minhyuk‘s share. There are a lot of celebrities confessing to being fans of IU but the singer only publicly responded to the feelings of the fangirls. Recently, IU has also invited the “fangirl group” TWICE as guests in the concert which surprised the netizens.

Source: Tinnhac

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