Kim Ji Won’s newest co-star in “My Liberation Notes” looks shabby on screen, but is a total heart-flutter in real life

The male lead of new K-drama “My Liberation Notes” is not exactly shining with visuals, but the actor behind him is totally dashing. 

Despite opening with quite disappointing viewerships, the K-drama “My Liberation Notes” has turned out to be a beautiful story with its own charms. In the newest development, the main couple has put down their walls, and the male lead Mr. Gu (played by Son Seok Goo) even expressed that he wanted to stay beside the female lead Mi Jeong (played by Kim Ji Won) til their 90s. 


“My Liberation Notes” is a slow-paced series that’s rather somber and ambient, so it makes sense that the characters would follow the same style. This is particularly true for actor Son Seok Goo, who plays the mysterious and alcoholic male lead. In fact, for 8 entire episodes, the actor often appears sweaty and untidy in raggy clothes and untidy hair. Even when he tries to look more polished, this character would only change his clothes into brighter colors, looking no less shabby than before. 


Mr. Gu is not a typical dreamy, cheesy, and stylish K-drama male lead, but he still has a heart-fluttering charm that makes Mi Jeong and the viewers fall in love. His quiet personality, how he clumsily, awkwardly cares for, adores, and “worships” Mi Jeong, making her happy and comfortable are the reasons why Mr Gu is the new standard of K-drama boyfriend. 

In the drama, Son Seok Koo has a simple and rustic styling, which can somewhat downgrade his handsome and elegant real-life visuals. Career-wise, even though he is 39 years old, Son Seok Koo is still considered a rookie on television. He landed his first major role in the 2018 drama Mother. Before My Liberation Notes, in 2021, he drew attention for his role in Netflix’s hit series D.P. 

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