Rising from poverty, Han So Hee now has both beauty and popularity 

Actress Han So Hee is known for having worked hard and risen from the very bottom. 

After the success of the K-drama “The World of The Married”, Han So Hee became a well-known name. The actress, who was born to poverty, had to go through a difficult time before getting her big breakthrough. Now, in her late 20s, Han So Hee has become an admirable actress with an outstanding career. 

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Han So Hee is among the most popular face nowadays 

Born in 1994, Han So Hee went to Seoul alone to work as a model. She was born to poverty, with her mother basically neglecting her and her grandmother raising her.

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Han So Hee’s mother incurred a lot of debts

When she first arrived in Seoul, Han So Hee worked in a bar for over a year to secure a living. She had to continuously work to pay off heavy debts incurred by her neglectful mother and take care of her grandmother. 

ITZY Ryujin Han So Hee
Han So Hee came to Seoul with the wish to change her life

Recently, a photo of Han So Hee working part-time became viral, as they remind netizens of Han So Hee’s tough past. In the photo, Han So Hee boasts the brightest smile and exudes a friendly aura that can sway the toughest heart. It is also known that the actress used to work as a hair model, and her prominent facial features scored her a lot of modeling gigs. 

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Han So Hee never forgets her past
Han So-hee
The actress’ bright and friendly visuals
han so hee hair model
Han So Hee used to work as a hair model

Han So Hee began acting in 2016, with an appearance in the SHINee music video “Tell Me What To Do”. She then assumed her first drama role in 2017, and rose to fame in 2020, after starring as the villain in hit drama series “The World of the Married”. Initially, Han So Hee was only known as a “little Song Hye Kyo”, while her acting skills received mixed reactions. However, over time, Han So Hee has been recognized for her talent as well. 

Han So Hee
Han So Hee was compared to Song Hye Kyo early on in her career
Her acting skills used to be a controversial topic 

Alongside her acting career, Han So Hee also filmed a lot of commercial films and is highly involved in the fashion industry. The actress’ net worth is reported to have reached 5 million USD, proving her outstanding wealth. 

Han So Hee is active in the fashion realm 

han so hee
The actress is known for her “high-fashion” visuals 
Han So-hee
From her beauty to physique, nothing negative can be said about Han So Hee’s appearance.
Han So-hee
The audiences are now looking forward to the actress’ next project  

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