Current status of a 7-year-old kid who was called “Little Lia Kim” because she danced so well

Apink Kim Nam Joo showed her eye-catching fashion.

On Nov 27th, Kim Nam Joo posted several photos through her personal Instagram.

In the photos, Kim Nam Joo tied her hair in two braids and dyed her cheeks pink. Wearing a white knitted cropped top, she matched a pink cropped padded vest on top to give off a fresh vibe.

Apink Namjoo

Kim Nam Joo emphasized her cute charm with a pink rabbit doll bag.

Netizens commented, “What’s wrong with her pigtails… She’s the loveliest person in the world. I’m dying“, “Nam Joo is so pretty“, “She must have really liked this concept“, “There’s a cute goddess here“, “Nam Joo, thank you for being happy today“…

kim nam joo

Kim Nam-joo is a former child actress and had experience appearing in a commercial for LG Electronics in 2001. In addition to LG Electronics, she appeared in a commercial for Pepero, a nutritional supplement for children.

kim nam joo

Her mother sent her to a dance academy and she learned dance from Lia Kim, who was a teacher at that time. Back then, Lia Kim participated in Kim Nam Joo’s solo debut song.

kim nam joo

In 2020, Kim Nam Joo released her first single album “Bird” after 10 years of debut. When Kim Nam Joo delivered the news of her solo debut, she revealed a special relationship, “Teacher Lia Kim did the overall directing. She was a teacher at the dance academy I attended when I was 7 years old. This is my first solo album, it has a lot of meaning, so I thought I should entrust it to my teacher.

kim nam joo

Meanwhile, Kim Nam Joo is currently Apink’s lead vocalist and lead dancer. She took her first step as a successful solo singer with “Bird” in 2020.

apink kim nam joo

Source: Daum

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