Kang Min Kyung revealed her Youtube profits and surprised everyone by donating them all at once

Davichi Kang Min Kyung donated all of her Youtube profits.

On December 4th, Kang Min Kyung uploaded a new video titled “Because it’s the end of the year” on her Youtube channel “Kyang Min Kyung”.

In the video, Kang Min Kyung appeared and greeted, “It’s already December. This year is about to end. It was not a normal year for me. I also gained the great achievement of 1 million subscribers. It’s thanks to you all”.

kang min kyung

She recalled and said, “I had never worked as hard as I did this year. I went here and there performing at many places, ran a shopping mall, edited videos, and worked on some plans. I worked restlessly and lived without regrets this year. I made good use of all the time I was given this year.”

kang min kyung

Kang Min Kyung then explained, “I used to upload a new video a month. However, since the Covid-19 pandemic began and my performing activities were significantly reduced, I turned to Youtube and mainly worked here. Even when I couldn’t make many videos, I tried to upload one every two weeks.”

She continued, “The result was really good. I worked hard as I gained more views”, adding “I’m using a separate bankbook for Youtube. When I checked it, I found that 147.61 million won were generated from Youtube activities.”

kang min kyung

Kang Min Kyung added, “I think I made such a big profit thanks to you all who watched my videos. I want to spend this amount of money on a good place, so I’m going to donate it to the Children’s healthcare center at Yonsei University Severance Hospital. Everyone, thank you so much.”

Kang Min Kyung then applied to donate through the website of the Severance Hospital and immediately transferred 150 million won through a bank app. 

kang min kyung

Source: wikitree

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