Lisa’s speciality that surprised other Real Men members

After some photos of Oh Yoon-ah, Kim Jae-hwa , Shin Ji, Lee Yu-bi and BlackPink Lisa’s physical strength test on “Real Men 3” were released,  
Lisa’s ability to endure the heat and hardship is drawing attention from everyone.

MBC’s “Real Men 300,” which will premiere at 9:55 p.m. on Friday night the 21st, will have a “300 Warriors” selection process to select the Korean national army team. The 10 candidates, Kang Ji-hwan, Ahn Hyun-soo, Hong Seok, Matthew Douma, Kim Ho-young, Oh Yoon-ah, Kim Jae-hwa, Shin Ji, Lee Yu-bi and Lisa,  in order to become one of the warriors, entered the Military Academy.

The photos released on Thursday the 20th shows five female candidates working hard at the Korea Military Academy. As in the photos released, they started basic military exercises after undergoing physical tests in three categories: sit-ups, push-ups and running.

However, while everyone was struggling with sweat, Lisa, the youngest, only had her face turn a little red and didn’t sweat. Other female challengers, who discovered it, burst into laughter and admiringly said, “She doesn’t sweat.”

Meanwhile, netizens are flooding in with comments such as “Lisa is so cute and pretty. I will always cheer for you.”

Source: iMBC

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