ITZY Lia gets criticized again for her dancing skills

ITZY Lia’s dancing skills are controversial again after she was out of line in a recent performance.

ITZY is currently promoting the song “Mafia In The Morning” at weekly music shows.  Thanks to the group’s attractive performance skills, this song went upstream on the chart despite receiving severely criticisim at first, now they have won the 4th trophy. But Lia – ITZY’s main vocalist is considered a  “black-hole” and receives much criticism for making a mistake on the M Countdown stage on May 13, 2021.

Watch the performance here:

At the end of the song Mafia In The Morning, Lia knelt down to do the ending.  However, she took a different position compared to the other 4.  As a result, ITZY’s lineup was not beautiful even though the 5 girls still tried to keep their professional expressions on stage.

lia itzy

Because Lia made a mistake, she becomes the center of controversy.  The female idol is not appreciated for her dancing skills. She also has made many mistakes when dancing. Therefore, in the eyes of some netizens, this incident shows that Lia still hasn’t improved, her skills are below average even after 2 years of debut.  This mistake is even more worthy of criticism when ITZY has performed Mafia In The Morning continuously in recent weeks.

However, many people defend ITZY’s main vocalist.  They think that Lia has improved a lot during this comeback, her movements are more decisive and expressive than before.  The female idol only made a small mistake at the end of the stage. 

ITZY is one of the girl groups with strong and difficult choreography.  Ryujin, Yuna, Yeji, and Chaeryeong are always one of the idols with best dancing skills.  So Lia’s flaws are more easily exposed. Lia herself once admitted that it is not that she is not enthusiastic on stage, it is just that she is not good at dancing.  The female idol will have to work very hard to catch up with her teammates, but netizens should not deny her efforts just because of a few small mistakes.

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