Being criticized for singing live worse than TWICE and IVE, BTS’s junior girl group showcases a series of high notes

Is the live vocal of the BTS’s junior girl group really that bad?

During the past time, the winning encore stages at weekly music shows have always been noticed by fans and “nitpicked” on the winners’ live singing skills. Speaking of controversial names with bad live singing, there were TWICE for the past, IVE for a few weeks ago and most recently fromis_9

On January 25th, the group won at The Show with the latest song DM and had a pretty bad live performance. The group stood still without any effort, but still sang in a low voice and left out the high notes. Therefore, the audience quickly concluded that the group had bad singing skills and that they were beauties with no singing skills.

fromis_9 sang encore after the song DM won the trophy at The Show

It seems that after receiving mixed opinions, right at their next winning stage at Show Champion on January 26th, the group tried to take revenge with a live encore performance that was better than the first stage and at least not skipping the high notes.

fromis_9’s encore DM stage at Show Champion

The two good vocalists of the group, Hayoung and Jiwon, managed to hit extremely high notes. However, overall, fromis_9 has not really delivered a quality live encore performance as expected.

Despite the effort to hit the high notes…
Despite the effort to hit the high notes…
... fromis_9's performance is still not really good
… fromis_9’s performance is still not really good


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