A Korean actress nicknamed “the second Kim Tae Hee” is going viral for her IQ and past 

Actress Ji Joo Yeon recently showed off her days as a true goddess at Seoul National University.

Recently, on the May 4th episode of MBC talk show “Foreigners”, celebrities Ryu Si Hyeon, Go Joo Woon, Ji Joo Yeon, and Stella Jang, who are all known for their excellent academic records, competed in a quiz battle. 

Ji Joo Yeon

Here, actress Ji Joo Yeon, who got the nickname “the second Kim Tae Hee” due to her beautiful look and her degree from Seoul National University, surprised everyone by revealing that she scored 156 in an IQ test. According to the actress, 156 is the highest possible score that can be measured using the Mensa test, so her actual IQ would be 156 + α.

Following the quiz, the actress also discussed her glorious past as the goddess of the school. When MC Kim Yong Man asked the extent of her popularity, Joo Yeon answered: “I often received canned coffee, energy drinks, sweets, and even self-written songs while I study in the reading room,”

Ji Joo Yeon
Ji Joo Yeon

The show then went on to reveal Joo Ji Yeon’s photos when she was a student of the prestigious Seoul National University, which has become the talk of town. In the pictures, the actress looked downright impressive with fair skin, sharp features, and a super small face. 

Ji Joo Yeon

According to the actress, she also received roughly 8 confessions a month while at school, proving her extensive popularity. 

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