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Kim Byung Chul reveals unexpected concern on “You Quiz”, “I’m afraid that people would recognize me on the subway”

Actor Kim Byung Chul drew attention as he confessed about suffering unexpected hardships due to increased popularity.

Kim Byung Chul appeared on the June 14th broadcast of tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block” and told various stories.

That day, MC Yoo Jae Suk mentioned the drama “Doctor Cha”, saying “Kim Byung Chul’s character does everything that is despicable, cowardly, annoying and bad, but no one can hate him, right?”.

Kim Byung Chul

In response, Kim Byung Chul said, “To be honest, I didn’t expect to receive such positive reviews. Playing a villain doesn’t mean I only have bad sides. Therefore, I looked for other aspects and poured them into my acting, and it seems like the audience felt a protective instinct.”

When asked if he realizes his popularity, the actor said, “In fact, I already felt the popularity when I saw the rating numbers.”

Kim Byung Chul also confessed his unexpected concern, saying, “Sometimes I take the subway for meeting schedules. I often wear a mask, but I’m still worried that someone might recognize me”, adding, “I played a character who has an affair, so I’m afraid that people would criticize me. That’s why I start looking around.”

Kim Byung Chul

Regarding his co-star Um Jung Hwa, the actor said, “She is such a bright person that I could see the big difference when she was on the set or not. When Um Jung Hwa was there, the atmosphere became softer, and the staff worked with smiling faces.”

Earlier, Kim Byung Chul received compliments for his performance as Seo In Ho, the husband of Cha Jung Sook (Uhm Jung Hwa), in JTBC’s recently ended drama “Doctor Cha”. Despite portraying a bad character, he showcased his irresistible charms and adorable sides.

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