“Discord among members? Not a bit,” The reason for Lovelyz’s disbandment is…

Lee Soo-jung (Baby Soul), a former member of the girl group Lovelyz, confessed the hard times she had due to malicious comments in the early days of her debut.

YouTube channel “근황올림픽” uploaded a video titled “[We met Baby Soul] Is this the end? Lovelyz leader revealed her situation in the past 2 years…First confession,” on April 25th.

The video showed the recent Olympics production team meeting with Lee Soo-jung at Woollim Entertainment in Mapo-gu, Seoul to conduct an interview.

In the interview, Lee Soo-jung started with, “I think our last activity was around August 2020. It’s been more than a year and a half since our last activity,” she said. “At the time when we were still active, I only saw my family twice a year. So I spent a lot of time with my family during the break.”

baby soul

She also recently announced that she lost 16 kilograms through dieting.

When asked about her prime time, Lee Soo-jung replied, “I think it was during our first full album “Candy Jelly Love” activities,” adding, “But that was actually the hardest time for me (because of malicious comments).”

She added, “I was shocked and hurt by the malicious comments. After going through such a thing in the early stages of my debut, my mentality collapsed,” she confessed. “I made my debut because I wanted it so much, but my life after debut, the reality was different from what I imagined.”

When asked if there was any discord in the process of Lovelyz‘s disbandment, Lee Soo-jung smilingly replied, “Discord? There was no discord at all.”

baby soul

Lee Soo-jung explained, “Actually, the members had been talking about disbanding for a long time. It was never a fight. Each of us had our own direction, and those things just didn’t fit.”

She said, “(All the members) are working hard in their fields. That’s why we cheered for each other, and it seems like we’re still cheering for each other now.”

Lastly, Lee Soo-jung added, “I’ll try my best to become an artist who can approach you a little more in the future. I want to meet you through a better opportunity next time.”


Meanwhile, girl group Lovelyz disbanded last November. At that time, their agency Woollim Entertainment announced the expiration of its exclusive contract with Lovelyz. Among the members, only Lee Soo-jung remained with the agency, while the remaining 7 members went their separate ways.

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