The moment when So Won (GFriend) stood next to RM (BTS) became the focus of attention

So Won has a height of 1.73m but standing next to RM (BTS), Soo Bin (TXT) … their height is not much different.

On the evening of December 31, the Big Hit Labels’ New Year’s Eve Live online concert “2021 New Year’s Eve Live” was broadcast live to fans all over the world.  An image between the leaders of groups under Big Hit Labels is receiving the attention of internet users.  Netizens are amazed at the impressive height of So Won (GFriend) when standing with male artists.  She is not inferior in height compared to male idols. So Won also is praised for her perfect body proportion as a model.

So Won (GFriend) stood next to RM (BTS) 1
So Won (GFriend) stood next to RM (BTS) 2
So Won (GFriend) stood next to RM (BTS) 3

According to official records, So Won is 1.73m tall, RM is 1.81m tall, and Soo Bin is 1.85m tall.  Thanks to the support of high heels, the female idol looks as tall as the Big Hit male idols and taller than other male idols such as JR, Jung Won … Many people think that So Won can be taller than the announced height.

So Won (GFriend) stood next to RM (BTS) 4

Some comments: “So Won looks like 1.8m tall”;  “I don’t think So Won is only 1.73m tall”;  “Soo Bin is just 20 years old but he is very tall”;  “It seems that the photo of So Won and RM is the closest interaction ever of  GFriend and BTS”; “RM, So Won and Soo Bin are really Big Hit models”;  “So Won is super cool and powerful. Thanks to this moment, I see Big Hit Labels like a family”;  “So Won’s legs are too long for someone who is 1.7m tall” …

This is not the first time So Won has caused a stir because of her impressive height.  When standing next to her colleagues, female idols often make netizens wonder about her true height.  Many people think that So Won is at least 1.75m tall because her legs look too … long.

So Won (GFriend) stood next to RM (BTS) 5
So Won (GFriend) stood next to RM (BTS) 5

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