Kep1er’s debut teaser sparks controversy over center position and concept, only Huening Bahiyyih is praised?

The latest teaser photo of Kep1er has caused fanwars to erupt over a never-ending issue within fandoms of the groups that come out of survival shows.

On November 22, Kep1er shared the first teaser image with the name “Hello Kep1er”. Through which, the public and fans can somewhat visualize the group’s concept and each member’s styling for the upcoming debut.

Hello Kep1er

Shortly after its release, the first teaser image of “Hello Kep1er” quickly became a trending topic not only among Kep1er fans but also Korean netizens. However, the reactions are not so positive. There are two main reasons why Kep1er’s long-awaited teaser is facing negative comments. First, it’s because of the center position. This has always been a sensitive matter when it comes to groups that are formed by survival shows.

Hello Kep1er
Hello Kep1er

In the teaser image, the member sitting in the center is Shen Xiaoting. This has aroused fierce controversy within Kep1er’s fandom because Shen Xiaoting is only 9th in the final ranking, while Kim Chaehyun – who won first place with the highest number of votes, is not seated in the center position that rightfully belongs to her. 

In fact, the discussion over Kep1er’s center has already sparked controversy since this girl group released a dance practice video for the song “O.O.O”. Although having the least center time in the group throughout the song, Shen Xiaoting stands in the center in the ending pose. Meanwhile, the two highest ranked members, Kim Chaehyun and Huening Bahiyyih, end up standing on the edge and close to the edge. Aside from criticism, there are also fans who claim that “Girls Planet 999” never confirmed that the winner would be the center, so it makes sense to divide the center equally among the members.  However, recently, when asked about Kim Chaehyun in an interview, PD Kim Shin Young of “Girls Planet 999” said, “Kim Chaehyun used to be a trainee at a big company for quite a long time, so her basic skills are solid. Her vocal, dance and teamwork are all stable so the presence of Kim Chaehyun (in the debut lineup) is obvious. After debut, Kim Chaehyun will show the potential of the No.1 contestant by doing a good job as the center, promoting the necessary skills as well as the ability to lead the group. We are also looking forward to Kim Chaehyun’s performance. She is qualified to take on the main vocal position.”

Not only was Kim Chaehyun confirmed the center position by the production team, she also stood in the center spot for every official content of Kep1er. That’s why Kim Chaehyun’s fans are getting more frustrated to see the position of their idol get stolen in the group’s first teaser.

Kep1er's debut teaser sparks controversy over center position and concept, only Huening Bahiyyih is praised?

The second reason and also the main factor that made “Hello Kep1er” teaser receive criticisms is the weird concept and makeup that seems to transform the members into someone else. Many fans commented that they didn’t recognize their bias when looking at this picture for the first time. Even the members who gained popularity for their outstanding visuals during “Girls Planet 999” were not able to show off their beauty. 

However, Huening Bahiyyih unexpectedly became an exception among Kep1er members with strange hairstyles and makeup. Although Huening Bahiyyih was not recognized for her visual, her image in this teaser surprised everyone. Many Korean netizens even praised her as the most beautiful member of the group.

Hello Kep1er

According to reports from Korean media this morning, Kep1er will promote both online and offline to prepare for their debut in December. Kep1er’s company announced that “Kep1er Zone” will officially appear at all cinemas all in Korea with an aim to “appear in all online and offline zones and become a part of people’s daily life”. Moreover, the teaser for Kep1er’s first debut show “Kep1er View” has just been recently released by Mnet. The first episode of this show will be aired on December 2nd.

Hello Kep1er


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