Even reporters gave up on this idol-turned actor, who leads a scandal-free yet spectacular career

This idol-turned-actor received both critical acclaim and public recognition, and once lead a regrettable romance with actress Jung So Min 

A Kpop idol who shines spectacularly in the acting field

Lee Joon, whose real name is Lee Chang Sun, was born in 1988 and debuted in 2009 as a member of Kpop boy group MBLAQ. With his outstanding visuals and talents, Lee Joon quickly established a name for himself. After releasing 1 full album, 7 mini albums, and 3 singles with his groups, Lee Joon officially left MBLAQ, and focused on his solo career before enlisting in the military from October 2017. 

Lee Joon

Alongside his successful music career, Lee Joon is also a noticeable name in the action industry. In fact, the idol-actor tried his hand at acting prior to debut, having appeared as a minor character in the 2008 sitcom “That Person is Coming”. In 2009, after gaining attention for his idol activities, Lee Joon appeared in “Ninja Assassin”, which starred famous pop star and actor Bi Rain. 

In 2010, Lee Joon finally gained recognition within the acting world thanks to his role in “Jungle Fish 2”, slowly building up his career from here. Now, Lee Joon has become an actor well-known for his versatility and ability to adapt to all sorts of roles, from a murderous villain in “Gapdong”, an estranged heir in “Mr.Back”, to an ambitious yet tragic king in “Bloody Heart”. 

Lee Joon
Lee Joon exuded regal vibes in historical drama “Bloody Heart” 
The actor delivered a creepy portrayal as the villain of “Gapdong”
Lee Joon
And played a crew member in the eerie sci-fi work “The Silent Sea”

Even Dispatch gave up on him 

The Korean public adore Lee Joon not only for his impressive idol persona and spectacular acting, but also for his clean record. Despite being in the turbulent and often scandalous entertainment industry, Lee Joon seems to be living a completely scandal-free life. In fact, even the notorious news site Dispatch had to give up on spying on the actor, as for ages, Lee Joon’s activities only consist of filming, going home, and occasionally visiting his favorite restaurant. The actor even gives all his money to his parents, only leaving aside a small amount to buy sports equipment. When asked about his somewhat “frugal” habits, Lee Joon simply answered: “I may earn a lot of money now, but that won’t last forever. It is dangerous to live in such a bubble, so I’m preparing for the future in my own way”. 

Lee Joon

Lee Joon is said to often make donations anonymously. He reportedly once donated 10 million won to the Korean Community Welfare Fund, but it wasn’t until his SNS account was accidentally revealed that people found out that he was the one who donated. 

Lee Joon

Lee Joon is known for his kind and generous personality. This explains why even though he has debuted for a long time, his personal life remains clean and scandal-free, drawing admiration from the public. 

The regrettable love story with Jung So Min

Lee Joon used to date Jung So Min and the two were exposed by Dispatch. For 3 years after their relationship was made public, they were silently together, dating happily and remaining lowkey about their love. 

Lee Joon

However, in June 2020, Lee Joon and Jung So Min decided to call it quits. Their agencies explained that their breakup was because of busy schedules, so the two did not have enough time to be with each other.

Lee Joon
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