LE SSERAFIM members smile brightly in their first Tiktok video after Kim Ga-ram left the group

LE SSERAFIM released their first Tiktok video since Kim Ga-ram’s withdrawal.

LE SSERAFIM posted a video of all 5 members dancing together on their official Tiktok account on July 21st. In the video with the background music of a pop song, the members walk and do some dance moves like stretching their arms. In the end, they stick together and hug each other tightly. 

The members’ bright smiles as if they were expressing great happiness made fans happy. 

LE SSERAFIM received compliments from fans and netizens for their beauty and perfect “visual combination” that cannot be hidden in such a short video.

This Tiktok video drew even more attention because it is the first video in which LE SSERAFIM appears as a whole group since the news of Kim Ga-ram’s withdrawal was announced on July 20th

kim ga ram

As soon as the news of Kim Ga-ram’s debut was released in April, suspicions claiming that she was a school bullying perpetrator circulated in various online communities. LE SSERAFIM’s agency HYBE denied the school bullying allegations and announced their plan to take legal action. However, Kim Ga-ram was later revealed to have been disciplined under Level 5 punishment by the School Violence Committee. 

Kim Ga-ram

As malicious comments toward Kim Ga-ram continued to be poured out, HYBE announced Kim Ga-ram’s temporary activity suspension for her psychological stability.

On July 20th, 80 days after Kim Ga-ram debuted as a member of LE SSERAFIM, HYBE eventually announced Kim Ga-ram’s withdrawal from the group, saying “We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by the controversies related to Kim Ga-ram.”

The agency seems to have finally let go of Kim Ga-ram after noticing that LE SSERAFIM members were affected by her school bullying scandal. 

Source: insight

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