WINNER Song Min-ho revealed why he was upset by ITZY, “I did it with Zico… But they didn’t do it with us” (Look, My Shoulder’s Dislocated)

Song Min-ho, a member of boy group WINNER, expressed disappointment in junior group ITZY.

ITZY members Yeji and Lia appeared as guests on tvN’s program “Look, My Shoulder’s Dislocated”, which aired on the evening of September 23rd. After the main broadcast, the full version was uploaded on the Youtube channel “Channel Fullmoon”.

While talking about various things, Song Min-ho suddenly revealed a sad anecdote, saying “ITZY filmed a challenge video with Zico on SNS but they didn’t do one with me. We used to carry out promotions at the same time. We filmed challenge videos with all the cast who came out on the music show that day, but they (ITZY) didn’t film with us”, drawing laughter.

song mino

In response, ITZY explained, “We’re so sorry about that. We kept recording this and that and didn’t rest until the rehearsal, so our timelines didn’t match each other.”

itzy yeji lia

Song Min-ho continued, “It has recently become a natural practice for idols to film choreography collaboration challenge videos for each other on music shows”. He repeatedly emphasized, “But ITZY didn’t help us. I did it with Zico”, making everyone burst into laughter.

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