CUBE announced about their new unit after Trouble Maker and Triple H, this is the most anticipated duo by fans

This is the duo that is most anticipated to be revealed by CUBE in the near future.

On the past Feb 19th, CUBE officially announced about a new unit debut after Trouble Maker and Triple H. Right after the news was out, most netizens immediately thinks of the duo of Lai Guanlin and Yoo Seonho – the trainee duo from “Produce 101” season 2.

These 2 brothers from CUBE was once a hot topic when they joined “Produce 101” with many close and adorable moments. They both got a special position in the public’s heart not just by their adorableness but also their talent.

If Lai Guanlin became a part of Wanna One, Yoo Seonho wasn’t lucky enough to debut but still got himself a huge amount of fans. After Wanna One officially disbanded, fans are expecting a reunion of the 2 brothers Guanlin – Seonho, especially when CUBE just hinted about an upcoming unit.

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