Kang Dong-won “I Live In A 100-pyeong Detached House, But It’s Not Mine”

Actor Kang Dong-won revealed the size of the detached house he currently resides in

On Sep 27th, a video titled “Ask Kang Dong-won things ‘You Quiz’ didn’t ask him” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Psick Univ”.

Kang Dong-won

The video showed Kang Dong-won conducting an interview with the members of Psick Univ. As soon as Kang Dong-won took his seat, MC Kim Min-soo asked, “How many pyeong (1 pyeong = 3.3058 m2) is your house?

To the unexpected question, Kang Dong-won paused for a moment then replied, “The land is about 100 pyeong. It’s a two-story detached house.”

Kang Dong-won

Kim Min-soo persistently inquired about the actual size of the house, not the size of the land. Kang Dong-won revealed, “I don’t know the exact size. Actually, it’s not my house. I’m renting it.”

When asked about the car he drives, Kang Dong-won answered, “I drive a MINI Cooper.” Kim Min-soo was surprised and cheered that Kang Dong-won drives the same car as him, making everyone laugh.

Source: Naver

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