An ITZY member gains attention for looking like BLACKPINK Rosé

After the teaser was released, fans were extremely excited about ITZY’s concept this time. 

oAt 0 o’clock on April 27 (KST), ITZY officially released the first teaser for MV Mafia In The Morning.  The teaser is 30 seconds long, attracting the audience right from the first moment with the image of ITZY members through the lens of the gun.  The revealed melody is also extremely mysterious and dramatic.

The concept of this comeback is quite interesting with the revealing “Who is the mafia?”.  Who is the mafia among the 5 members of ITZY?  It seems that ITZY will join the fans to play the ‘find mafia’ game through the upcoming MV.  Not only the interesting concept, but the images revealed in the MV also make fans extremely excited.  5 ITZY girls showed off their impressive visuals. 

One point that made many fans confused after watching the MV teaser is the visual of ITZY’s center Ryujin.  Ryujin appeared with impressive makeup and hairstyle.  However, she looks like Rosé (BLACKPINK).

– At first glance I still think why now Rosé looks a bit strange.  Turns out it was Ryujin.

 – Ryujin looks like Rosé

 – Does anyone think that Ryujin looks like Rosé?

 – I thought it was Rosé at a glance?

 – Oh this is the best concept of ITZY! 

ITZY will officially make a comeback on April 30 with the album ‘Guess Who’ and the title song ‘Mafia In The Morning’’. JYP founder J.Y.Park with other producers has composed this song. Fans were quite worried because the group’s songs with the participation of J.Y.Park did not perform as well as expected. However, after watching the MV teaser, many people are somewhat reassured.

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