10cm And Lee Seung-gi’s Opposite Attitudes Regarding Concert Cancellations Due to Poor Ticket Sales

Netizens compared the responses of 10cm and Lee Seung-gi’s agencies to sluggish sales of concert tickets

On September 22nd, Magic Strawberry Sound announced on 10cm’s official SNS account the cancellation of his US concert due to poor ticket sales, adding that they would compensate cancellation fees to fans who already reserved flights and accommodations for the concert.

The agency stated, “After careful consideration, we came to the conclusion that proceeding with the tour as planned would not be appropriate. However, changing a schedule that had been in preparation for several months proved to be impossible at the time. It was only recently that we received feedback from the US promoter that the sales were not performing well, which ultimately led to the unavoidable decision of canceling the tour”.

They said, “Moving forward, we will use any remaining schedules originally allocated for the US tour to prioritize the artist’s health”, adding “Regarding the cancellation of your flights and accommodations due to the tour cancellation, we will do our best to compensate for any cancellation fees incurred”.

This announcement is drawing keen attention as it shows a completely different attitude compared to the controversial way Lee Seung-gi’s agency Human Made dealt with the US tour a month ago.

Previously, Lee Seung-gi planned to hold concerts in New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, and Atlanta in August. However, the New York and New Jersey shows were canceled.

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On September 23rd, a Korean media outlet in the US reported that the performance cancellations were due to low ticket sales but Human Made changed the reason to local venue problems. 

Later, New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) and US concert organizer Huge Entertainment protested against Human Made’s false notice with evidence. They revealed that Lee Seung-gi’s concert sold only 250 seats, which was very low below the break-even point of 1,704 tickets.

Prior to this, Lee Seung-gi was also accused of unilaterally canceling his visit to the Korean restaurant that sponsored his Atlanta concert, sparking a huge controversy. Human Made released an explanation, but local media doubted that it was an excuse, pointing out that Lee Seung-gi refused to stay at the reserved hotel in Atlanta and went to an acquaintance’s house in LA and had an afterparty with staff until 2:30 a.m. the next day. 

Both 10cm and Lee Seung-gi faced cancellations of US concerts with the same ticket sales issue. However, 10cm’s agency confidently revealed the true reason and promised to compensate for the damage they caused to fans, while Lee Seung-gi’s side has been making excuses every day. As such, netizens are watching the situation closely to see the results of the two companies’ completely different responses.

Source: Nate

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