Kara Park Gyu Ri shocks members Kang Ji Young and Heo Young Ji with her “no bra” confession on live broadcast

Kara Park Gyu Ri encountered a big “live broadcast accident” when revealing that she was wearing no bra.

Park Gyu Ri recently turned on Instagram Live with Kara members at night. During the broadcast, she suddenly confessed, “I’m ‘no bra’”

kara gyuri jiyoung youngji

Shocked by Park Gyu Ri’s sudden remark, Kang Ji Young and Heo Young Ji reacted, “Ya, I don’t think I can handle this”, “Unnie, be careful with your words”, etc. Although the members kept shouting “Unnie, unnie…”, Park Gyu Ri continued her frank and bold talks. 

In addition, Kang Ji Young and Heo Young Ji used all kinds of tricks to make Park Gyu Ri go to sleep. They earnestly urged Park Gyu Ri to leave the live broadcast, but Park Gyu Ri insisted on sticking to the Instagram live.

kara gyuri jiyoung youngji

The members burst out laughing at Park Gyu Ri’s reaction. They commented, “ㅋㅋㅋㅋSuch a big accident”, “This unnie is gonna kick your blanket tomorrow”, etc.

Fans also showed enthusiastic responses to the natural and cute appearances of Kara members. Fans were happy to welcome the comeback of Kara, and applauded the members more for their amazing teamwork and sincere communication with fans.

kara gyuri jiyoung youngji

According to the K-chart in the third week of December released by KBS2’s “Music Bank” on December 16th, Kara ranked No.1 with the title song “WHEN I MOVE” of their special album “MOVEAGAIN”. The girl group will hold their first No.1 music show trophy in 7 years and 6 months since the win with “CUPID”, the title song of their 7th mini album “InLove”, in June 2015. 

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In this regard, Kara said on their official website, “We won first place on ‘Music Bank’. We didn’t even expect that, and it’s all thanks to Kamilia. Thank you so much for loving and supporting our new album. We will repay you with good performances”, expressing their feelings.

Kara swept music charts in Korea and overseas as soon as they made a comeback. On the first day of the album release, all the songs entered major music sites in Korea, and the title track “WHEN I MOVE” topped Bugs Daily Chart for 6 consecutive days. The song then rose to No.1 on Bugs Weekly Chart (Dec 5 ~ Dec 11), and No.12 on Melon Top 100.

Source: Nate

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