K-netizens Discuss Jang Won-young’s Face During IVE Debut Days And Now

IVE Jang Won-young’s visual once again created hot topics

A netizen compiled several photos of Jang Won-young when she debuted with IVE until now. They commented, “Weren’t her eyes bigger and rounder? She looks tired and sleepy these days, isn’t she? Why do her eyes look like Sanpaku eyes? Isn’t it because where double eyelids got swollen? I think she looked more sophisticated during her debut days. I think her pupils go up a little and her eyelids have been lowered slightly”, adding “I’m not trying to bash Won-young. I’m just curious if anyone has the same idea”.

Original post: Nate Pann

In response, other netizens commented: 

– It’s because she uses lenses with different diameters

– Her face changes according to her styling. She looks pretty now and even in the past

– It’s because of different facial expressions, isn’t it?

– That’s just the difference between her facial expressions

– Different lenses diameters + Lower mucosal eyeliner + Different expressions

– She’s always been so pretty but I think she has touched her double eyelids and gotten lip fillers too much

– She’s still pretty in recent press photos though. She looked beautiful when she went to Paris recently. It may depend on the angles and makeup but it’s funny to say such things.

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