Angela Baby and Lin Yi is caught in another dating rumors, no official announcement is released from either side 

The news of her dating an actor with a 10-year gap after divorce startles C-netizens. 

Chinese social media is becoming more hectic in the quest for the real identity of the pair of lovers that are rumored to be a top female star and a young, emerging actor who is said to be co-starring with an “Yimou Girl” (an actress gaining popularity from Zhang Yimou’s movies). 

From the leaked information, C-netizens are calling out Angela Baby and Lin Yi as Angela is one of the single actresses from her cohort besides Yang Mi, Zhao Liying and Ni Ni. Moreover, Lin Yi is the sole actor working with the “Yimou Girl” Liu Haocun up to this point. 

angela baby lin yi
Angela Baby and Lin Yi are the most talked-about figures in this rumor 

The duo was caught in a similar round of rumors before in April this year. In the clip circulated on social media, Angela Baby and Lin Yi were allegedly caught dating in an internet cafe in Shanghai. Soon afterwards, the poster clarified that it was Angela’s assistant that was with her, not Lin Yi. 

angela baby lin yi
The two were supposedly together at an internet cafe 
angela baby lin yi
The text message allegedly from the owner of the place confirmed the person accompanying Angela was not Lin Yi but her assistant 

Nonetheless, Lin Yi has many times expressed his admiration for his senior in their appearances in reality show “Keep Running”. The 23-year-old actor straightforwardly confessed his feelings for a senior 10 years older than him. 

At the moment, Lin Yi’s fanbase are strongly denying the rumors. Angela Baby and Lin Yi, on the contrary, have not spoken up about the issue. 

angela baby lin yi
The young actor confessed his feelings for his senior and set her image as his social account’s avatar 
angela baby lin yi
The pair has great chemistry in the reality show they appeared in 

Source: Sina, Weibo

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