Amid Lee Seung Gi’s music revenue controversy, updates on his romantic relationship with Lee Da In were delivered

Lee Seung Gi, who is involved in a dispute with his agency, was recently seen in an unexpected place with his girlfriend Lee Da In.

On November 25th, Star News exclusively reported that Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In couple recently attended the first birthday party of an acquaintance’s child.”

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According to the report, the two showed off their unchanging affection for each other at the birthday party, which was attended by a few other acquaintances. The couple impressed everyone with their bright smiles and caring appearances. 

While Lee Seung Gi is in a dispute with his agency HOOK Entertainment over the settlement of his music revenue, his girlfriend Lee Da In stays by his side and she seems to be a great helper and supporter for him.

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Meanwhile, HOOK Entertainment released a new position on November 25th amidst the controversy. They refuted the allegations of not paying Lee Seung Gi his music revenue for 18 years.

HOOK explained, “When Lee Seung Gi’s exclusive contract expired and was renewed in 2021, he already confirmed the settlement details and agreed to form a financial relationship with us. We also prepared the written agreement.”, adding “Following Lee Seung Gi’s complaint, we have been reviewing the settlement details of the profits we paid to Lee Seung Gi once again with experts.”

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They continued, “The content of our contract with Lee Seung Gi, which was recently announced through a media outlet, and the claim that Lee Seung Gi has never received any payment for his music activities are not true at all. If there is anything wrong with our management, we will immediately correct it and take responsibility”.

Source: wikitree

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