IVE Leeseo: “The oldest drama in my memory is ‘Descendants of the Sun’”

Leeseo, a member of famous girl group IVE, attracted attention by mentioning “Descendants of the Sun” as the oldest drama in her memory.

In the August 23rd episode of JTBC entertainment program “Knowing Bros”, girl group IVE appeared as guest members. 

On this day, when Leeseo revealed that she was the youngest in the group, cast member Lee Soo Geun asked: “Do your sisters understand you a lot?”, to which Leeseo replied: “You don’t know how much love I receive since I’m the youngest.”

Leeseo also boasted that she never felt any discomfort while living in the same dorm with IVE.

Then, Kim Heechul ask Leeseo, “What’s the oldest drama in your memory”, and Leeseo shocked everyone by answering: “The oldest drama I watched when I was in elementary school was ‘Descendants of the Sun’.”

Descendants Of The Sun

Born in 2007, Leeseo is 10 years old in Korean age when the KBS K-drama ‘Descendants of the Sun” broadcasted in 2016.

Source: wikitree

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