“Why are they so good at dancing?” Lee Jong Suk and Shin Jae Ha’s performance at fan meeting received explosive reactions

Actors Lee Jong Suk and Shin Jae Ha’s performance at the fan meeting attracted netizens’ attention.

On April 15th, Lee Jong Suk attended the fan meeting “LEE JONG SUK Fanmeet in Manila” held in Manila, the Philippines.

Lee Jongsuk

Immediately after the fan meeting, videos of Lee Jong Suk dancing NewJeans’ “Hype Boy” and BTS’ “Dynamite” with fellow actor Shin Jae Ha in front of fans were uploaded on Twitter and other SNS.

Lee Jong Suk and Shin Jae Ha are known to fans as close friends as they appeared together in “While You Were Sleeping”, “Pinocchio” and “The Hymn of Death”.

Fans left comments such as “Why are Shin Jae Ha and Lee Jong Suk so good at dancing?”, “Lee Jong Suk’s hard work is cute”, “Both are cute”, “Originally Lee Jong Suk couldn’t dance, but his skills keep improving”…

lee jong suk

Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk debuted in 2005 as a runway model, becoming the youngest male model ever to participate in Seoul Fashion Week. After that, he appeared in a number of works such as “Prosecutor Princess”, “Secret Garden”, “School 2013”, “I Can Hear Your Voice”, “Pinocchio”, “W” and “Romance Is a Bonus Book”. After being discharged from the military, he starred in the drama “Big Mouth” and made a special appearance in the movie “The Witch: Part 2. The Other One”. Following “W”, he won the second grand prize at the “2022 MBC Drama Awards” for his comeback work “Big Mouth”. He is also receiving support after revealing his romantic relationship with singer IU.

Actor Shin Jae Ha, who attended the fan meeting as a guest, debuted through the 2014 film “Futureless Things” and appeared in the dramas “Page Turner”, “Wanted”, “While You Were Sleeping”, “Prison Playbook” and “The Ghost Detective”.

In 2023, he received favorable reviews for playing villains Ji Dong Hee and On Ha Jun in the dramas “Crash Course in Romance” and “Taxi Driver 2”, respectively.

Source: wikitree

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