“Business Proposal” star Kim Sejeong once had her potential overlooked by a veteran SM idol 

Kim Sejeong’s performance on “K-pop Star 2” received opposite reactions from SM and YG reps. 

Business Proposal” is currently one of the most buzzworthy K-dramas thanks to its fun storyline and talented, charming cast. 

Along with the drama’s popularity, the female lead, Kim Sejeong has also received much more attention from the public. The 26-year-old idol-turned actress has been achieving success in both singing and acting. But people who discovered Sejeong recently may not know about her journey to success that is filled with challenges. 

Kim Sejeong-A Business Proposal
Kim Sejeong is gaining much attention lately 

When she was 16, Kim Sejeong competed in “K-pop Star 2” in the same year as AKMU and TREASURE’s Bang Yedam. After watching Kim Sejeong’s performance on the show, SM’s rep BoA said, “I don’t know how to train her. I will give up casting”.

However, YG’s CEO at the time, Yang Hyun Suk had a different reaction. He saw Sejeong’s potential and believed if she received more training, she would become a good singer. Sejeong was then cast in YG, however, she ended up getting eliminated from the competition shortly after.

A few years after her appearance in “K-pop Star 2”, Sejeong’s success as an idol has proved that Yang Hyun Suk is a visionary with a good eye for talent. 

After nearly 5 years of tireless practice, Sejeong made an impressive appearance on the survival show “Produce 101” and was rated as the contestant with the second best vocals on the show. She was given the nickname “GOD Sejeong” and considered a “descendant” of SNSD‘s leader and main vocal Taeyeon. With a stable performance, Sejeong excellently took the runner-up position and officially became a member of the popular project girl group I.O.I.

After I.O.I disbanded, she debuted again in Jellyfish‘s group – gugudan then debuted as soloist and collaborated with hot names like Zico in “Flower Way” or Doyoung (NCT) in “Star Blossom”, part of the project SM Station. These songs were all well received by the public.

She also broke the stereotype towards idol-turned actors of Korean netizens at that time since she excellently showed a new side of herself as the female lead in the teen drama “School 2017”.

Thanks to her lovely personality, sense of humor, and ability to handle situations professionally, she often participates in variety shows or many advertising projects, leaving a good image in the hearts of the public

From “K-pop Star 2” to “Business Proposal”, Kim Sejeong has proven her great talent and hard work. The success Sejeong has been getting is completely worth her efforts during the past time.

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