“Snowdrop” clues that point at a heartbreaking ending: Young Ro (BLACKPINK’s Jisoo) will not survive?

The ending of “Snowdrop” is likely to leave the viewers in tears. 

Although it has only broadcast nearly half of the episodes, many viewers have made theories and predictions about the tragic ending of Snowdrop. Set in a turbulent period of history intertwined with political intrigues, Snowdrop can hardly avoid the painful ending of the leading characters, especially regarding the love story of Young Ro (Jisoo) and Soo Ho (Jung Hae In). After 7 episodes, the couple’s romance doesn’t seem to show positive progress as most of their scenes together only revolve around threats to shoot and kill each other.

Snowdrop ending
The song “One Way Ticket” that the female lead sings at the beginning of the drama seems to be signaling separation and breakup
Snowdrop ending
The main couple is unlikely to end up together because they come from opposite family backgrounds. Soo Ho is the son of the Head of the United Front Department in North Korea and Young Ro is the daughter of the Chief of South Korea’s National Security Agency. 
Snowdrop ending
For the first time in the history of Korean drama, there is a poster with the appearance of the entire cast, and it is a black and white image. Is this a hint for a catastrophic ending for all the characters?
Snowdrop ending
The main poster of Snowdrop is similar to Youth Of May, which sparks a theory that the person who doesn’t look at the other will end up dead. In the poster, the flower branch points towards Young Ro, the flower’s concave direction is shaped like a half heart shape towards Young Ro, which can be a metaphor for unrequited love.
Snowdrop ending
Snowdrop’s teaser reveals the male lead’s monologues such as: “If I were just an ordinary person”, “If I hadn’t met you”,… seems to imply Soo Ho’s regret after Young Ro’s death
Snowdrop ending
In the latest episode, Young Woo’s older brother is also likely to have died, and the person who causes the tragedy is Soo Ho.

Netizens’ comments:

  • It’s gonna be a sad ending for sure, it’s a drama set in wartime after all.
  • Prepare tissues guys
  • Why is Jisoo’s first female lead role so pitiful? 
  • It’s only been 7 episodes, but it’s so tragic, a happy ending seems so far away…

Snowdrop airs every Saturday and Sunday on JTBC.


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