Akdong Musician Lee Chan-hyuk to finish his military service in the Marine Corps today (May 29th)

AKMU Lee Chan-hyuk will be discharged after completing his military service.

Lee Chan-hyuk will be discharged from the military after finishing his long service on May 29th morning. Lee Chan-hyuk, who volunteered to join the Marine Corps in September 2017, served as infantry in the rapid-fire commando unit of the Marine Corps’ 1st Infantry Division in Pohang, North Gyeongsang Province.

Lee Chan-hyuk, who was slightly unveiled on the Marine Corps’ official blog and his younger sister Lee Soo-hyun’s SNS, has garnered great attention as he looks perfectly suited to the term.

In particular, Lee Chan-hyuk, who applied for a military composing contest for soldiers earlier this year with his “Marine Victory Song”, passed the military’s selection and review committee to become the first entertainer to create a full-fledged Marine Corps’ official military song.

Many fans are applauding and cheering for Lee Chan-hyuk, who returns to his main job as a singer after finishing his military duty for the country.

Many netizens congratulated him for finishing his duty while also urging him to leave YG before it’s too late:

  • Take your sister and get out of YG now!
  • Let’s be thankful to those who have given their 2 years of youth to serve their military duty. It’s thanks to their sacrifice that we can have this peaceful daily life.
  • That’s cool~
    I’m looking forward to your return~
    Because you gotta get out of YG~
  • Wear that Marine hat and use the military discipline to teach the YG kids a lesson.
  • Chanhyuk, with your musical and talking talent, you can do as much as you want from other agencies. The sooner the better, get out of there now.
  • This makes me looked at him as a good guy, but he comes from that drug agency, so I’m gonna skip it now.
  • Thank you for your wonderful military service for our country. AKMU doesn’t fit in with YG. I wish that you guys get out quickly and get on a roll!!

Sources: Nate

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