Sullyoon is constantly featured in thumbnails, fans are afraid that NMIXX will turn into “Sullyoon and friends”

The dense appearance of the NMIXX’s visual on the thumbnail makes netizens worried that Sullyoon will overwhelm the rest of the members.

NMIXX is the JYP‘s rookie group that is receiving the most attention right now. A particularly prominent factor that attracted fans during the promotion of the song O.O was Sullyoon. Possessing a visual that is rated as the most beautiful in the 4th generation, it seems that broadcasters and companies both have a certain preference for Sullyoon.

NMIXX Sullyoon

The most obvious thing that can be seen is that Sullyoon‘s frequency of appearance on thumbnails is extremely dense. From the official MV to promotional stages, live shows or backstage, Sullyoon is chosen to appear on the thumbnail.

Also, Sullyoon has often appeared in the center position in the NMIXX lineup recently. Before that, she often stood on the edge of the lineup, making fans raise questions. Does the fact that Sullyoon receives a lot of strong support from the public make JYP “push” her strongly? Does a “A and friends” scenario happen for NMIXX?

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