BTS V’s absurd gift that no one demanded from him but…

BTS V presented a controversial gift that was recklessly given without the recipient in mind.

On Jun 28th, V returned to Korea with BLACKPINK Lisa and actor Park Bo-gum through the Gimpo Business Aviation Center after finishing their fashion show schedule in Paris, France

In order to capture their images, reporters and fans gathered in front of the airport to wait for them. Different from when they left the country, V, Lisa and Park Bo-gum did not have to stand or pose at the photo wall.


V was captured consciously avoiding all cameras as he looked away from the direction of camera flashes. However, no one can blame V’s attitude as when he left Korea for Paris, he kept his photo manners as promised. In fact, so far, V has done nothing to be criticized for. However, his unexpected behavior later confused the viewers. 


After returning home, V went on to BTS’s fan community platform Weverse and posted, “Reporters and ARMY, I’m sorry that I got in the car right away. You’ve been waiting for a long time right? I brought a gift for you guys,” along with a photo. The photo was taken against the backdrop of the starry sky and the airplane runway at the time of his departure.

What is the meaning of V’s gift? If he knew what the reporters and fans wanted, would he still do this?


First of all, if V was conscious of the reporters’ presence, he should have fully recognized that the night sky photo, as well as his appearance before leaving the country are useless now.


ARMYs also wanted to save V’s return moment on their own records, but not everyone wanted to receive the same photo. Of course, if there are ARMYs who are happy to receive any photo of V as a gift, it may be a little different for them.

park bo gum

Why did V have to make it controversial by mentioning the gift in his apology? Even if he refused to take photos at the airport, there was no problem. Could it be that because he found photos of Lisa and Park Bo-gum, who actively showed fanservice unlike him, later in the car that he hurriedly presented this surprise present?


V’s gift, which angered even fans, is leading this situation nowhere.

Source: Nate

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