Joy’s private Instagram account was leaked, surprisingly receiving favorable reactions from netizens

After the secret Instagram account of Red Velvet Joy was leaked, photos and her “follow” list are drawing attention.

On December 15th, an article titled “Joy’s second Instagram account” was posted on the Facebook page “Idol Issues” and various online communities.

Joy's private Instagram account

The article contained photos posted by Joy on her sub-account, which was created by the female idol privately. There were selfie pictures taken with her boyfriend – Crush, and a picture in which Joy made a hand heart with a beer glass in front of Crush at a restaurant.

Joy's private Instagram account

Photos of Joy and her acquaintances, as well as proof shots of fan gifts were also found on this account. Joy’s follow list, which included a number of Joy’s fan accounts and comedian Park Myung-soo‘s, is also attracting keen attention.

Joy's private Instagram account

Unlike many previous cases when leaked images from celebrities’ secret accounts often caused damages, Joy received quite many positive responses.

Joy's private Instagram account
Joy's private Instagram account

Fans responded enthusiastically, saying, “So nice to see this”, “I think this is the first time a celebrity received positive reactions when her private account got leaked. So this is why people around Joy always take great care of her”, “All I see is that she seems to have good relationships and get along well with everyone”, “It’s so touching that she posted proof shots of fan gifts and even followed all fan accounts”, “Joy is truly sincere”, “The reveal of her private account even makes her image look more beautiful”, “Her private life is completely clean”.

Joy's private Instagram account

Revealing her romantic relationship with Crush in August, Joy has continued to enjoy her dating. The two are known to have become friends after their collaboration in single “Mayday” released in May last year, then developed into lovers.

joy crush

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