BTS Jimin went viral for confident appearance in “Run BTS” choreography video

As the “main dancer of confidence”, BTS Jimin proved his reputation as the king of unstoppable dancing and thrilled fans.

On November 13th and 14th, BTS released on YouTube and TikTok a choreography video and challenge video for their song “RUN BTS”, which was first performed at their Busan concert in October. 

In the published video, BTS Jimin appeared with a gray-toned knitwear and washed denim, as well as a long brown hair style. While he boasted a gentle appearance with bareface, as soon as the video started, the male idol showed off a powerful dance as if he were on a big stage

Jimin, who has been performing heart-rending performances with his whole body from head to toe, dances with big movements in this video as well, drawing admiration with his sophisticated and perfect body control. “Even his hair dances”, fans would comment, with their breath completely taken away by the BTS member’s astounding stage presence. 

bts jimin

In the chorus section, while pouring out tremendous energy, Jimin showed an amazing sense of balance and core strength by continuously crossing one leg with the other leg, without touching the ground. This move was enough to give a thrilling pleasure throughout the video.

The practice video also allows viewers to fully enjoy Jimin’s movements without any special stage equipment or flashy lighting. Meanwhile, the TikTok video, which was released on November 14th, showed Jimin’s swag-filled style that is completely different from the group dance. 

bts jimin me, myself and jimin

As an all-round main dancer who has mastered various dances of completely different styles, going from hip-hop dance to contemporary and modern, Jimin’s body exudes a layback groove that freely crosses the beat and next-level speed control. Truly the “King of Dance”, the male idol’s style cannot be easily imitated. 

After the video was released, fans showed explosive reactions and left comments like, “Yes! This is it~ Choreography that shows ‘I am Park Jimin’’’, “It’s the same choreography, but look at the difference in the style between the two videos~ That’s genius”, “As expected, he’s a god of rapid pace control’’, “Confident main dancer’’, and “I can’t stop replaying the video while watching Jimin…”

In the end, “PARK JIMIN” was trending on Twitter in real-time around the world, and keywords such as “JIMINS” and ”Jiminie” were also trending. At the same time, Jimin’s Balenciaga denim pants and 77circa’s high-neck knit sold out at various online retailers, showing an immense brand power stemming from his overwhelming topicality and popularity.

Source: Naver

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