Recently revealing her new job at a skincare shop, Kwon Min-ah posted an ambiguous post on Christmas day

Kwon Min-ah once again raised concerns with an ambiguous post.

Kwon Mina

On December 25th, Kwon Min-ah posted an illustration on her Instagram and wrote, “Human trash”.

Kwon Mina post instagram Human trash

It is an illustration of a person in a green trash can. His face was not revealed as it was inside the trash can and one of his shoes was taken away.

It seems like Kwon Min-ah is expressing disappointment with someone or herself. Since she didn’t add any specific explanation, raising netizens’ curiosity.

Kwon Mina

Earlier on December 20th, Kwon Min-ah shared, “Ta-da! I have become the manager of this skincare shop”, announcing a new start. Therefore, some people speculated that something wrong might have happened at her workplace.

Kwon Mina

Kwon Min-ah debuted as a member of girl group AOA in 2012 but then left the group in May 2019. After that, she revealed that she was bullied by leader Shin Ji-min during AOA’s activities. She once posted a photo of her non-celebrity ex-boyfriend but then got involved in a controversy over the boyfriend’s two-timing. 


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