Jo Kwon Flaunts Trendy Fashion with Skirt and Pants Look at ‘R U Next?’ Conference

Jo Kwon once again showcased a trendy fashion style.

Recently, Jo Kwon attended JTBC’s ‘R U Next?’ press conference held in Seoul. He appeared in a checkered layered fashion, matching it with a jacket.

jo kwon

After the conference, Jo Kwon posted several photos taken at the scene on his Instagram, with the caption, “R U Next? D-DAY, tune in tonight at 8:50 p.m.

In the released photos, Jo Kwon can be seen wearing a skirt and pants layered with a vest and jacket. In another photo, Jo Kwon attracted attention by showing off his well-toned muscles without the jacket.

Jo Kwon demonstrates a genderless approach to fashion, wearing high heels and doing nail art. He previously said, “I believe fashion has no gender. I’m not unique, I’m special.”

‘RU Next’ is a program to determine the final members of the next-generation global girl group through a joint venture between HYBE and CJ ENM’s Belift Lab. It premieres on June 30th. 

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