BTS’s V Earned 6 Billion Won Just Before His Enlistment With Coffee CFs

Before enlisting, BTS’s V made 6 billion won in advertising fees as a coffee brand model

According to Newsis on December 20th, Compose Coffee selected BTS’s V as their model to mark the 10th anniversary of the brand’s launch next year.

Compose Coffee already finished filming new CFs with V earlier this month and will release them later in the future.

Compose Coffee announced that they would share the advertising costs with franchisees in the process of selecting V as their model. Therefore, out of the estimated advertising cost of 6 billion won for V’s advertising contract, 2 billion will be shared with the franchise owners.

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BTS members’ advertising fees are already known to be high. According to a KBS2 program in 2021, BTS’s annual modeling fees were approximately 5 billion won. At that time, the global group BTS was modeling for a total of 13 brands.

As of 2021, three years ago, BTS agreed on a guarantee of 20% lower than the average modeling fees. According to calculations at that time, the group received approximately 62 billion won in advertising model fees.

Meanwhile, V entered the army as an active duty soldier on December 11th and is fulfilling his military service. Known to have applied for the special task forces, V reassured fans before his enlistment, saying “I know you guys are worried but I want to challenge it. I have my own goal so don’t worry too much”.

All BTS members have enlisted and they are expected to resume group activities after June 2025.

Source: Daum

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