The reunion of 4 2NE1 members touched fans, but netizens only noticed Park Bom’s strange visuals

Park Bom's appearance makes many people worry about her health status.

On March 15th, Park Bom posted a video titled “2NE1” on her Instagram account. The video showed 2NE1’s Park Bom, Sandara Park, CL, and Minzy gathering together as a whole after a long time and having a good time. When the camera was pointed at them, the members cheered for Park Bom’s comeback, saying, “Congratulations on the release of your new song.” The 2NE1 members still show off their strong friendship. All of them are active in their respective fields after terminating their contracts with YG Entertainment.

However, all attention has been focused on Park Bom’s somewhat strange visual. Despite successfully losing weight, the female idol’s face is still swollen because of swollen lymph nodes. Worth mentioning, the main vocalist 2NE1 looks tired, her eyes are strangely sad, making people worried.

Previously, Park Bom regained her visual and perfect body. That’s why her appearance this time made people extremely worried, thinking that the female idol’s illness might have recurred.

Meanwhile, Park Bom released her new song “Flower” with Kim Min-seok of MeloMance on March 11th. The song is still at the top of the major charts, proving Park Bom’s popularity. 

Flower” depicts the story of a woman, who lives each day with a desolate and devastated heart, and a man who wants to silently walk beside her, looking at her in pain. MeloMance’s Kim Min-seok participates in the song and shows special synergy with Park Bom, while receiving good responses with his unique tone and emotional singing.

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