Rosé (BLACKPINK), Jihyo (TWICE) and main vocals born in 1997 in Kpop girl groups

There are many main vocalists born in 1997 in Kpop girl groups, some of them are considered the main vocalists of the groups

For Kpop groups, the main vocalist is not only a good singer but also has the best vocal skills, capable of performing difficult segments.  Because of their important role, they are considered the “backbone” of the group.  Among female idols born in 1997, many people are the main vocals of girl groups which are having many outstanding activities at present.

Here are some female idols born in 1997 who are playing the main vocal role.  Some people not only have outstanding singing talent but also left a strong impression on stage.


When it comes to main vocalists born in 1997, many people will immediately think of Rosé.  When BLACKPINK first debuted, her voice was controversial.  But it is hard to deny that Rosé possesses a unique voice.

main vocals born in 1997 in Kpop girl groups

Over time, Rosé’s singing ability has become more and more perfect, she often attracts attention with live stages.  Rosé’s voice is also the highlight that makes BLACKPINK’s songs more attractive.  This is the reason why many people are excited to hear that the female idols are about to make her solo debut after 3 years.

Jihyo (TWICE)

 In TWICE, Jihyo is the leader and main vocalist.  Being the person with the best technique, the girl born in 1997 is considered the main vocal of the group in the singing segment, especially when TWICE is not appreciated for their singing ability.

Jihyo’s technique is quite good, but the female idol is praised for her sweet, strong, and catchy voice.  In TWICE’s controversial stages, she always leaves the best impression on the audience because she can confidently, clearly sing live, handle many difficult notes.

main vocals born in 1997 in Kpop girl groups


 When it comes to this list, you must definitely mention Yuju.  The girl group member of the same family as BTS is considered to be one of the idols with the best singing skills of the 3rd generation. 

main vocals born in 1997 in Kpop girl groups

There was a time when the female idol was more appreciated than both Rosé and Jihyo.  At SBS Gayo Daejeon 2017, 3 main vocals of GFRIEND, BLACKPINK, and TWICE collaborated on the stage of Butterfly with Wanna One and BTOB.  Yuju took over the spotlight because of her strong and resonant high note.  As a result, only the female idol was praised by Korean netizens, making both Jihyo and Rosé overshadowed.

Miyeon and Minnie ((G) I-DLE)

 (G) I-DLE has 2 main vocalists, Miyeon and Minnie, coincidentally that they were born in 1997. Miyeon not only possesses outstanding visuals but also sings well.  Unfortunately, Miyeon still doesn’t have many outstanding parts in (G) I-DLE’s songs, fans still expect the female idol to show more in the next comeback.

main vocals born in 1997 in Kpop girl groups

As for Minnie, the Thai female idol is one of Kpop’s rare foreign main vocals.  Minnie attracts attention because of her unique, powerful voice. The female idol’s voice has contributed to bringing a mysterious and seductive atmosphere, suitable for the concept that (G) I-DLE is pursuing.

main vocals born in 1997 in Kpop girl groups

Chaewon (APRIL)

 It would be a mistake not to mention Chaewon on this list.  She possesses a thin, light, inspiring voice, her sense of pitch is quite good.  She also sings live well.

Therefore, it is easy to understand why Chaewon is considered as APRIL’s best vocalist.  Unfortunately, the group still has not had outstanding achievements despite their debut in 2015, so not many people know Chaewon’s talent.

main vocals born in 1997 in Kpop girl groups

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