From “Produce 101” runner-up to “Business Proposal” buzzworthy actress, “God Sejeong” 6 years ago vs now 

Achieving much success not only as an actress but also an idol, Kim Sejeong was dubbed “God Sejeong” by Korean fans back in her Produce days.  

The cutest and funniest K-drama female lead lately is none other than “Business Proposal” Shin Ha Ri. Kim Sejeong is rocking the part as she portrays a girl who lives a double life, an ordinary office worker and a femme fatale fake girlfriend. Some viewers who recently knew about Sejeong might not know that she actually started out as an idol. She appeared on television for the first time as a contestant of Kpop Star 2, followed by Produce 101 season 1. Sejeong debuted twice in 2 girl groups, I.O.I and gugudan.

kim se jeong
Kim Sejeong when transforming into Shin Ha Ri in “Business Proposal”
When she was a member of I.O.I
gugudan 03112021 1
And when she debuted for the 2nd time in gugudan

In particular, when she participated in Produce 101 was when Sejeong reached the same level of popularity as today. She caught the public’s attention with her lovely visuals, sweet voice and powerful vocals. That’s why many fans even called her “the next Taeyeon”. Throughout the competition. Sejeong never dropped out of the Top 2. She was the biggest competitor of Jeon Somi

Kim Sejeong
Joining Produce 101, Sejeong was a total newbie
… but she sometimes outranked even Somi 

In addition, thanks to her great personality, Sejeong was nicknamed “God Sejeong”. In Korea’s entertainment industry, there are very few celebrities who get the honor to be called “god” by the public, but Sejeong earned this title even before she was confirmed to debut in I.O.I.

6 years have passed but the impact of Produce 101 season 1 is still there. Viewers cannot forget Sejeong’s lovable and hard-working image in the fierce competition of the show. Although she could not rank 1st place in the finale and become I.O.I’s center, Sejeong still succeeded in leaving a strong impression with “legendary” performances.

The first evaluation round of Jellyfish trainees
Kim Sejeong performed Wonder Girls’ “Irony”
Kim Sejeong covered Yanghwa Bridge – Zion.T in the Position round
Kim Sejeong performed “Fingertips” in the Concept Evaluation round

In all Produce rounds, Sejeong always stood out. She continuously maintained 1st or 2nd place in the on-site votings of every round. She is “God Sejeong” for a reason. 

Some comments:

  • It’s already been 6 years? Wow. To this day, I still listen to the playlist “35 Girls 5 Concept”, every song is so good.
  • I miss Produce 101 season 1 so much, “God Sejeong” was amazing!
  • It’s been 6 years, but “God Sejeong” is still “God Sejeong”.
  • I remember crying when I listened to her singing Yanghwa Bridge. The Irony stage is also legendary.
kim se jeong
The Irony stage at the beginning of the show helped Sejeong attract many fans 
kim se jeong
She was nicknamed “God Sejeong” because of her visuals, talent and charm 
kim se jeong
She has a lovely face that makes fans fall in love 

Sejeong is a rare young artist who leaves a strong impression in both her roles as an actress and a singer. After the regrettable disbandment of both I.O.I and gugudan, she is currently continuing her singing career as a soloist but has not been able to regain her idol glory. Fans hope that with the success of “Business Proposal” as a stepping stone, “God Sejeong” will soon return to the Kpop industry and be more powerful than ever!

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