Somi almost got estranged by the female lead of “Business Proposal”, and it’s all because of Mnet?

What was the deal between the female lead of Business Proposal and the mixed angel Somi?

Currently, in the female solo segment of Kpop, Somi is one of the most popular idols. In the acting field, Sejeong is causing a fever with the female lead role in the drama Business Proposal. Although they are in two different fields, when appearing together once again as two famous names in Korean showbiz, people are reminded of the old days.

Jeon Somi
Kim Se-jeong
And Sejeong. It’s been 6 years since Produce 101, the audience has once again witnessed the strong rise of these two names in the entertainment industry.

That year, when Produce 101 season 1 took place, the new format of the survival program was released for the first time and really created a big fever. The two hottest trainees on the show: Somi and Sejeong have become rivals, each with a huge fan base. Many people are really curious as to whether the two people’s relationship is still tense behind the fierce competition for the weekly No. 1 position.

It was the insider who answered this question. When participating in a program, Somi shared that the two used to be very close, but then it was because of the dramatic and stressful staging of the show that the two became distant, the relationship was strained and became much more awkward.

However, currently, the two female Kpop idols are still very close, and Sejeong also danced to promote the song of her former groupmate.

Jeon Somi Kim Sejeong
Somi and Sejeong used to be two rivals, taking turns holding the center position in Produce 101

Somi shared that, ”At the beginning we were close and getting along, but (audition) kept putting us up against each other to compete for first and second places even though we were close, then, we became awkward. After the first place announcement Se-Jeong came up to me and said “It’s disappointing because we were so close, but the audition drifted us apart”. Now, it’s needless to say, we’re very close, right? we watch the show and say “Tt divides the competitors too much”.

Jeon Somi Kim Sejeong
Even after IOI disbanded, the two still have a good relationship with each other, Sejeong participated in the dance challenge Dumb Dumb to support Somi
Jeon Somi Kim Sejeong
She even smiled brightly when she witnessed Somi flirting with a guy during the MV reaction, which is enough to see how close the two are
Jeon Somi Kim Sejeong
Fans are glad that the two of them have cleared up the problem, so that the Korean entertainment industry now has such a close and talented pair.
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