Jo Bo Ah: ‘My Parents Opposed My Acting Career’

Overcoming Parental Opposition to Stand Tall as an Actress: Actress Jo Bo Ah Shares Her Unique Debut Story

On the 26th, on the Eglory channel, Jo Bo Ah and Rowoon appeared as guests to reflect on their past acting experiences.

On that day, Jo Bo Ah candidly responded to the question, “Were your parents against your decision to become an actress?” She said, “Actually, there was opposition. It was quite strong in the beginning.”

jo bo ah

She continued, “When I said I wanted to pursue acting while living in Daejeon (a city in South Korea), there was a lot of fear, and as a result, my parents opposed the idea quite a bit,” sharing the reasons behind their opposition.

Answering the question, “When did you start feeling that your parents believed in you?” She said, “I think they started looking at it positively from the time when I began to feel more joy from acting than hardship and pain while working.”

jo bo ah

Meanwhile, Jo Bo Ah made her debut in the drama ‘Flower Band’. Despite being a newcomer with no acting experience, she was cast as the lead role and made a spectacular debut.

At that time, her agency actively supported Jo Bo Ah, even comparing her to ‘the next Jun Ji-hyun’. Jo Bo Ah chuckled and said, “I had a minor role after just that one lead role,” recalling the situation.

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