Psy’s limit of patience? Revealing the text message of Psy urging, “let’s work”, after Swings joined his agency

Singer Psy (real name Park Jae-sang, 44 years old) unveiled his text messages with Swings (real name Moon Ji-hoon, 36 years old).

On November 26th, Psy posted a photo on his Instagram and wrote, “Let’s work Jihoon ah. Work SWINGS work”.

The released photo contained a capture of the message conversation between Psy and Swings. Psy asked, “Do you come to the company today?”, “No hyungnim! Is there any problem?ㅋㅋㅋ” Then Psy emphasized, “What problemㅠNothing. Make a plan. If you write something, I will read it and listen to it. Let’s work, Jihoon ah”, and urged Swings to work. Then, Swings answered, “ㅋㅋㅋㅋOkay hyungnim. I will start writing (songs) now. I want to let you hear it without feeling embarrassed ㅋㅋㅋ”.

Swings joined P-Nation

Psy made everyone burst into laughter by replying, “Too shy to ride you chuckling.” Swings also added fun with his answer, “Ah…my heart…” On the same day, Swings uploaded a mirror selfie on his personal SNS along with a caption saying, “I’m not a rapper. I’m just a businessman, but I’m one of those people who are good at rapping.”

Swings joined P-Nation

Swings signed an exclusive contract with P Nation, Psy’s agency, in April. The rapper revealed the story behind this, “As I did not originally have any relations to Psy, I asked around in my acquaintance circles in order to obtain his contact information. On the day we met, we signed a verbal contract while having a glass of soju.”

Meanwhile, since his debut with the EP album “UPGRADE” in 2008, Swings has established himself as a representative rapper of the Korean hip-hop scene by presenting his strong rap style and punchline lyrics through hit songs such as “On My Way” and “Are You Listening?”.


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