Korean idol-turned actresses in historical dramas: Whose visuals stand out the most?

Kpop female idols look different when portraying characters in period dramas. 

Kpop idols are known for their trendy outfits and gorgeous makeup whenever they go on stage to perform. Therefore, many netizens are curious about what idols look like if they “go back in time” and transform into characters in dramas set in the past periods. Will they be as pretty without familiar makeup looks and fancy outfits? Let’s take a look at 4 famous female idols in different historical dramas below.

IU (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo)

Moon Lovers is a launch pad for IU to prove her acting skills and take her popularity as an actress to the next level. Playing Hae Soo, who was born into a noble family, IU in the first 5 episodes of Moon Lovers often wears exquisite and colorful outfits. Most of IU‘s outfits are in white – red – pink shades, giving off lovely and sweet vibes. Even in a historical setting, IU’s makeup is still carefully done, so she never looks pale on screen. 

Going through many difficulties, Hae Soo towards the end of the drama gradually becomes more mature. IU‘s appearance also changes according to the growth of her character. She switches to one-tone outfits with bright colors. Though simple, IU still looks gorgeous and elegant. 

Seohyun (Moon Lovers)

Although she only took on a supporting role in the last few episodes of Moon Lovers, Seohyun still successfully left good impressions on the audience. Playing a princess entering the palace to avenge her family, Seohyun embraces a mysterious look by wearing dark-colored costumes, such as purple, black… coordinated with white and pink shades so the overall looks are not too heavy.  As for makeup, Seohyun focused on highlighting her eyes to emphasize a sharp, mature look.

Yoona (God of War, Zhao Yun)

Unlike Seohyun or IU, Yoona had her first role in a historical drama through a Chinese TV project. Therefore, her on-screen outfits, hairstyles, and makeup look quite different from the other female Kpop idols. Yoona often wears bright-colored outfits with simple designs in the drama. Yoona‘s appearance in God of War, Zhao Yun causes her to receive mixed reactions because the “outdated” makeup and hairdo are believed to “downgrade” Yoona’s visuals.

Suzy (Gu Family Book)

In 2013, Suzy played martial arts girl instructor Dam Yeol Wool in the historical drama Gu Family Book, marking her outstanding image change. Suzy‘s face back then was quite chubby. She looked quite different from her current feminine and mature appearance. In the drama, she often wears blue outfits and pulls her hair up in a high bun. This hairstyle helps to highlight the strong and tough personality of the character that Suzy embodies. Suzy also wears minimal makeup during filming. 

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